Weekly Shonen (11/06/13)

Naruto – Chapter 654

I’m Obito Uchiha


Talk no Jutsu seems to be successful, which is very disappointing. I’ll hold out hope Madara proves to be more satisfying villain. Naruto literally reaches out his hand to Obito only to have it rebuffed. Inside a dream like world Obito is confronted with what he has become. Meanwhile, in the real world the entire ninja alliance continues to pull on the tailed beast within Obito. They succeed in this endeavor and Obito falls to the ground defeated. This “end” was anti-climactic, so how I’m still interested in the next chapter.

One Piece – Chapter 727

Ambushing Heros


Can Doflamingo get any worst? The answer apparently is a resounding YES! Rebecca keeps up her evasion of the other fighters, although she seems to be exhausted. Thunder tells a story of what occurred that changed Dressrosa from a peaceful society to its current state. Doflamingo “offers” to sell King Riku his country for 10 Billion Beli. In a desperate effort to save Dressrosa King Riku orders the countries citizens to forfeit what little money they have. Showing his humility to get the his people to believe him he succeeds. Unfortunately, this didn’t matter as King Riku (in tears) slaughters townspeople and soldiers alike. The citizens are of course are unaware exactly what truly occurred, Doflamingo’s devil fruit ability is controlling him. As horrid as Doflamingo is I’ll admit his plan was rather brilliant and effective. This chapter was sad but illuminated exactly why the Riku family is hated and how evil Doflamingo is.

Bleach – Chapter 556

The Wolfbane


This week Bleach took the top spot out of the big 3. Komamura has always been a physical power house but he’s taken it to a new level. Bambietta lives up to her name with “the explosion” a gets a direct hit on Shinji. Komamura is unscathed by Bambietta ability. Momo Hinamori arrives to try to counter Bambietta’s ability with her ” Tobiume”. This proves to be ineffective as Komamura explains that defense is needed.  He incorrectly concludes “that he should be able to repel the explosions with his sheer size and the strength of his armor”.

Bambietta explains that her explosions “can’t be blocked”, because “rather than firing reishi bombs, “anything she fires reishi at into a bomb itself”. Bambietta’s next explosion destroys Komamura revealing his transformation into a human. In a flashback we learn of the “Human transformation technique”, one must tear out his own heart to achieve this metamorphosis. Komamura shouts that he “owes a debt of gratitude” to the late Captain Commander. Bleach is becoming the more interesting of the big three (at least form an action perspective). I’ve always liked Komamura, even though he seemed to use his bankai too quickly. I curious how he’s changed.


  • Bambietta powers
  • Momo’s return (I like her)
  • Komamura new powers
  • Komamura Bankai’s new look



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