Super Mario Galaxy (Game of the Generation)

Super Mario Galaxy (Game of the Generation)

I often frequent many gaming websites, one of which is “Euro-gamer”. As the last two console of the eight  generation are released this month they decided to look back at last generations best games. None of the games featured were a surprised but the fact that “Super Mario Galaxy” was considered the best was (To me ). It’s not that I don’t think it’s deserved but still a surprise. Anyway if you want to read why check it out.

Super Mario Galaxy: Game of the Generation

Top Games of the Generation


3 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy (Game of the Generation)

  1. I can think of few games from this generation that actually make me sigh with pleasure. When I usually finish a game, it’s more a sigh of relief over the fact that I’ll never have to do it again. Super Mario Galaxy was a delight. I thought it was a great game. A mix of nostalgia and revolutionary ideas that revitalised a genre. The music still makes me tingle.


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