Weekly Shonen (10/30/13)

One Piece returns. This weeks chapters of the big three left me feeling underwhelmed. They weren’t necessarily horrible but I expected for action.

Naruto – Chapter 653

I’m Watching You


Talk no Jutsu strikes again, maybe. Anyone that’s unaware “Talk no Jutsu”  basically describes when Naruto talks an enemy out of their evil ways with having to fight them (think Nagato) and manages to get them on his side. Naruto goes through all the ways that Obito isn’t a “nobody”. Obito responds by stating that it’s irrelevant because he has surpassed even the first “Sage of the six paths”. Naruto isn’t having any of it. He goes into the common we are the same, outsiders who “wanted to be acknowledged and become Hokage.”

Obito agrees that they are indeed similar and that why he wants Naruto to abandon his ideals. Naruto expresses how annoying he finds Obito (I completely agree). Obito believes that he is being true to the purpose of Hokage, saving the world by bring peace. Naruto disregards Obito’s plan as being a “shortcut”. Obito gets another series of flashbacks. The chapter concludes with Naruto literally reaching out his hand. I not completely convinced that  talk no jutsu has succeeded but it might. I guess Madara is going to be the main villain after all.

One Piece – Chapter 726

Riku Family


While trapped under the Colosseum the fighter they are stunned to find out that they are in the presence of former king Riku Dold III Rebecca’s grandfather. Many soldier’s still show their respect and Doflamingo’s  role in the kingdom’s conflict is explained. Without warning Sai is captured by goo and turned into a toy by Trebol. Luffy finally encounters his fan boy Bartolomeo. The horrors inflicted on the dwarves by the Doflamingo family is explained by Gancho. They were freed by the Riku family. The biggest reveal was that Thunder is Rebecca’s father.


  • Thunders true identity

Bleach – Chapter 555

The Hero


Ichigo is ready to return to soul society. Featuring new clothing and greater strength. Instead of using the “Tenchuren” Ichigo is forced to “walk” back. This reminded me of “dragon ball z” when Goku had to return to earth while traveling on snake way. Basically, a way to let the other characters win some battles or get into danger before the main character (Ichigo) shows up to save them. Ichibei states that Ichigo is finally a real shinigami.

Elsewhere, the battle between Bambietta, Shinji and Komamura begins as Shinji is attacked. Bambietta‘s comrades comment on her use of Vollständig, Giselle states “Bambietta is the last person in the world who should use it and says the fight will end in one second”. I’m hoping we might get to see Shinji’s Bankai in the next chapter.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Shonen (10/30/13)

  1. Seriously? Talk no jutsu! (rofl)
    After all the fight scenes and deaths to get to that point, all Obito needs is the effing talk no jutsu! To be honest, if that works on Obito, I’ll throw my hands up on this series. I’ve seen several fighter animes, but at least most of them aren’t all talk. Naruto is just..ah well. 🙂


    1. I agree that if “Talk no jutsu” ends this fight I’ll be greatly disappointing. Obito has done too much wrong to get a reprieve so easily. Which is why I don’t think “talk no jutsu” will fail.


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