Weekly Shonen (10/23/13)

One Piece is on hiatus this week.

Bleach – Chapter 554

Desperate Lights


Ishida and Yhwach discusses what’s occurring in the war from a undisclosed location. Bazz – B is reasonably disappointed in Cang Du losing after asking to take over. Hitsugaya faints after defeating Cang Du due to injuries. Yhwach seems to have predicted that the Shinigami would retrieve their bankai. Personally, I’m a little annoyed that he seems to predict just about EVERYTHING. Bambietta, complains that Komamura hasn’t arrived.

Komamura finally arrives wearing a new armor. Shinji Hirako (one of my favorite characters) appears behind her stating that he can’t allow Seireitei to be destroyed. Sakanade (one of the coolest Zanpakuto) has an effect on Bambietta, Shinji comments he has added a verbal ability to his zanpakuto. Yhwach explains that it’s a good thing that the shinigami took their bankai’s back. He said it was better for the sternritters due to the Quincy: Vollständig ability. Which begs the question why steal the bankai’s in the first place?


  • Shinji and Sakanade
  • Komamura’s return

Naruto – Chapter 652

Naruto’s Furrow


Naruto seems to have had ulterior motives in his fight with Obito. As they cut through him Kurama explains their original plan. The chakra of the other tailed beast are pulled from Obito. The one tail and eight tail beast’s chakra reject Naruto’s chakra, however Gaara and Killer Bee aid him in the chakra ” tug-o-war”. Everyone else joins in including the no names. If the success they may be able to stop Obito and the blooming of the life tree flower. Towards the end of this chapter Obito begins to question his decision prompting Naruto to declare that ” he would destroy his real mask”.


  • Epic team work

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