Weekly Shonen (10/16/13)

One Piece – Chapter 725

The Undefeated Woman


This chapter starts with Law, Doflamingo and Jora, Law claims that he’s not seeking vengence. It’s short and nothing (in terms of fighting) gets started but Jora flees. Mononosuke exposes more of Doflamingo’s cruel behavior. Bartolomeo (Strawhat Fanboy) offers to find Luffy for an autograph. At the Colosseum Rebecca is flawless dodging fellow combatants while knocking them into shark infested waters, none of them have been able to land a hit on her so far. Luffy seems to suggest that she may have “Kenbunshoku Haki”.


  • Rebecca “Kenbunshoku Haki”
  • Bartolomeo’s  “fanboyism”

Naruto – Chapter 651

What is filled


Naruto and Sasuke mixed their chakra’s creating a kick ass samurai kyubi (similar to the one Madara created). This was the best part of the chapter. There are some problems with this chapter. The main problem occurred at the end when many of the original nine genin uses rasengan. How can they (especially Rock Lee) use rasengan? It’s a little confusing. Obito gets the traditional (I’m going die flashback or alternate reality flashback) he seems to be defeated although I doubt it.


  • Samurai Kyubi

Bleach – Chapter 553

Frozen Cross


This chapter felt short but, was pretty straight forward. The Shin’eiyaku begins to take effect resulting in Hitsugaya and Soi Feng “Bankia’s” returning. Both sternritter’s are clearly surprised by this new development. Cang Du seems either be unaware or dismissive of the soul that Bankai’s have. Soi Feng’s Bankai was unchanged but HItsugaya’s changed it’s isn’t clear whether it was a result of training or the shin’eiyaku. 


  • Hitsugaya’s Bankai
  • The frozen cross was cool
  • Soi Feng Bankai

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