Weekly Shonen (10/02/13)

Naruto – Chapter 649

The Will of the Shinobi


This chapter didn’t progress the story much. It generally focused on Shikamaru and the not so surprisingly the reality that Naruto is the center of this world. Shikamaru comes to the conclusion that he is meant for more than death. He decides that his place is to be by Naruto side as his adviser. The five hokage begin to rile up the remaining shinobi. Kakashi still in the other dimension is ready to return to the field. There wasn’t much else in this chapter but I think it was necessary. Next chapter is suppose to feature Naruto and Sasuke vs Obito lets hope it’s an impressive fight.


  • Shikamaru Lives
  • Kakashi is returning


  • Shikamaru gives Naruto one of his brilliant plans
  • Epic battle between Naruto, Sasuke and Obito
  • Madara battles against the (Edo tensi) Hokage, the current Hokage and Kakashi.

Bleach – Chapter 551

The Burnt Offering


Vice Captain Nanao Ise shows her talent (for the first time) basically that she created a new form of Kido. Hitsugaya is basically at a wits end and seems like he going to died (I doubt it). Bazz- B and his comrade decided to switch places because ” we promise to leave each captain to the one that stole their bankai”. This is clearly going to back fire as Urahara has figured out a way to recover “one’s bankai”. This chapter was short or seemed short. I’m excited that Urahara has returned maybe he and Yourichi (to help Sui Feng) will return to Soul Society.


  • Nanao Ise showing her talent
  • Return of Urahara


  • Yourichi returns to help Sui Feng
  • Yourichi uses her Bankai
  • Hitsugaya gets his Bankai back
  • Kenpachi

One Piece – Chapter 723

A Change of Plans


Sanji gives Kin’emon the map to the toy house leaves to find the “Thousand Sunny”. Zoro and Kin’emon are thinking of a way to enter the Colosseum without being noticed. Bartolomeo spots them and begins to become excited at seeing his idol. Violet shows off her devil fruit ability “Giro Giro no Mi”. Nami uses her ability to use thunder on Jora getting the attention of Fujitora. Law takes advantage of this distraction and flee with Caesar Clown. Donflamingo give chase and upon seeing the Strawhats decides to attack them instead. The Strawhats are unsurprisingly petrified until Sanji arrives to stop him. This was the best chapter out of the three, hopefully we will get a full fight instead of a clipped version.


  • Sanji
  • Fujitora’s ability is “gravity”
  • Sanji vs Donflamingo


  • Sanji vs Donflamingo is epic
  • Sanji doesn’t die

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