Anime Movie Review – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


Let me just say this Best. Dragon. Ball. Z. Movie. Ever. This movie had it all good animation, action, character growth and humor. Dragon Ball Z movies generally center around on super powerful enemy and has the entire cast appear at some point. The main bad guy in this movie was Bills, God of Destruction. Unlike previous villain’s Bills seems more comical than evil. I would attribute this to the fact that he’s a God and destroying this (like earth) are probably beneath him. During his extended slumber Bill’s has a dream depicting the “Super Saiyan God” and aims to learn more and fight him. Bill’s power is so superior to those that have precessed him that he takes out super saiyan 3 Goku with two hits.


After beating Goku Bill’s and his companion Whis head to Earth. On Earth Bulma is throwing herself a lavish 38th birthday party, and everyone (except Goku) is in attendance. Vegeta having been given the heads up by King Kai looks to intercept Bills as he arrives. Vegeta remembers meeting Bills in the past and Bills question’s him about the super saiyan God. Bulma arrives and Bills and Whis are rather pleasant with her. Bulma’s party feature’s the most humor of this movie. With Piccolo singing, Whis and Bills obsession with human food and even Bills break dancing. The Pilaf gang arrives to steal the dragon balls and end up being invited to the party. Mai puts a gun to Trunk’s head and (after Gohan goads her) shoots at Gohan. Gohan reflects each bullet hitting Videl in the leg and Bills in the forehead. Bills getting shot in the head pisses him off and he aims to destroy earth. At this moment Vegeta shockingly begins to perform a bingo song much to everyone’s surprise. This succeeds in stopping Bills rampage.


Whis informs Bills of pudding and how delicious it is. Bills notices Buu hogging all the pudding a rather politely asks for one or two. Buu being childlike said no and proceeds to lick all of them. This is the reason Bills finally attacks. The Z fighters finally engage Bill and unceremoniously defeats them with single strikes. Even Vegeta is quickly defeated until Bulma intervenes and strikes Bills. BIlls returns the favor triggering Vegeta’s anger resulting in a power up. Vegeta’s was still unsuccessful and was quickly knocked unconscious. Goku arrives with a plan “ask Shenron”. Even Shenron has heard of Bills and is respectful. He also has an answer to give Goku on how to become a super saiyan God.


Shenron ” reveals that they need the light of five righteous Saiyans to infuse their power into another Saiyan for him to turn Super Saiyan God”. Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten all volunteer, they fail. Whis reminds them that Shenron said five saiyans must contribute not just four. In responses it is then revealed that Videl is pregnant and she joins completing the five. Finally “Super Saiyan God Goku” and Bills go at it. This battle is the usually DBZ styled battle, fast pace, destruction and blast. The ending however is surprising instead of having Goku win he still loses. Bills denotes that Goku is actually the second strongest warrior he’s fought Whis being the strongest. Bills states that “this world is the Seventh Universe, but there are twelve universes in total” and that Goku should expect more powerful being in existence.


  • Bills and Whis (not quite villians, which is good)
  • Goku and Bills battle
  • The humor
  • Baby Gohan
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Vegeta’s transformation to a loving husband (kind of)
  • Vegeta singing and dancing


Animation: 9.0

Style: 8.0

Story: 8.5

Action: 8.5


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