Comic Review – Thanos Rising

Art by Simone Bianchi

I’ve been a fan of Thanos since ” Marvel vs Capcom 2” mostly because he looks cool ( and I liked his name) . But, I’ve never really looked up or read his origin story before. With Thanos being the main villian in the upcoming Avengers movie. Thanos was created by Jim Starlin in 1973. His name was derived from Thanatos (the personification of death and mortality). Thanos Rising is a 5 issue mini series that was released in April 2013. This series was written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Simone Bianchi. As origin stories go we start with the birth of Thanos. It becomes instantly clear that he is different due to his appearance. His father seems unshaken by his son’s features. Thanos mother didn’t exactly react the same way. She lost it and attempted to kill him shouting ” don’t you see the death in his eyes”.

As a child Thanos seemed normal he was highly intelligent and was predictably an outsider due to his appearance. Thanos father clearly is neglectful being consumed by his research. Thanos also had a revolution to death, in one instance throwing up at the sight of a dead lizard set for dissection. After one traumatic experience in a cave with living lizards Thanos changes. Encouraged, he seeks revenge slaughtering the lizards in the cave. His arrogance increases and so does his experiments dissecting a gorilla and several classmates. He starts to realize that he’s starting to enjoy killing for the sake of killing. Thanos then kills his own mother proving that she was right about him.

Leaving, Titan after killing his mother he finds a wife and fathers a child. He continued to father children with many other female aliens. Thanos returns home to the “only woman he ever loved”. As proof of said love he is tasked with killing all his offspring. He success in his quest (unfortunately) and loses count of his many murders. It’s later revealed that his “love” is in fact death. This becomes a point of confusion for me as “she” communicates with others but, is invisible to the father of Thanos. Maybe this confusion was just a limitation on my part. Thanos rising’s end is rather open ended leaving me a little bit unsatisfied. If the goal of the “Thanos Rising” was to create more understanding for Thanos it failed. However, if the goal was simply to show how he ended up being the monster he is “Thanos Rising” succeeded.

Art by Simone Bianchi

Story: 7.0 (predictable, unsatisfying)

Art: 9.5 (Amazing)

Color: 9.5 (Amazing)


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