Weekly Shonen (09/26/13)

One Piece – Chapter 722

The Royal Bloodline


Sometimes One Piece can confuse me. This was one of those confusing chapters or at least it seem to be. As Rebecca enters the ring she is taughted with death until “Cavendish of the White Horse” chastises them. Once in the ring he makes it clear that they would be enemies. The story switches to Leo and Thunder giving a speech to motivate the army. Zoro continues to search for Nami but run’s into Sanji. Violet informs them that their ship is being taken to Green BIt. Brooke, Nami, Chopper and Momonosuke are dealing with Jora who has used her ability to deform the Thousand Sunny. Brooke manages to trick Jora into restoring his sword and instantly defeats her returning everything and everyone back. Doflamingo explains the history of the World Government and reveals that before the Riku family ruled the Donquixote Family did.


  • Traflagar Law’s defeat

Bleach – Chapter 550

Blazing Bullets


How quickly the tables are turned. Both Hitsugaya and Sui Feng find themselves under pressure from the sternritters. According to Nakk Le Vaar (these names are ridiculous) Juu Ha Bach predicted that the shinigami would compensate for their loss of bankai. Apparently Bazz-B’s flame is comparable to that of Captain Commander Yamamoto (however the flame he compares himself to is before Yamamoto’s bankai). I’m wonder how BG9 is going to use Sui Feng’s bankai against her. The most interesting part of this chapter was the exchange between Nakk and Mayuri Kurotsuchi. There potential battle between them would probably be the most strategic. I’ve always enjoy Mayuri’s fighting style and his scientific brilliance and arrogance. I’m hoping their fight lives up to my expectations.


  • Nakk Le Vaar seeming odd ability
  • Bazz-B flame revelation
  • Mayuri and Nakk potential battle

Naruto – Chapter 648

A shinobi’s Dream


Naruto chapter 648 centered on Hashirama’s dream of a unified shinobi front. As Oorochimaru and Tobirama notice the similarities and potiential of Sasuke and Naruto to surpass Madara and Hashirama respectively. Sasuke uses Juugo’s curse seal to create a sage susanoo. The fight between Sasuke, Naruto and Obito didn’t get far but we did get an insight into Hashirama’s dream. Basically, Hashirama wanted all the 5 great ninja nation’s to join forces. He shared these memories with the entire army sharing his dream with them. I’m hoping the 5 kage’s, the former hokage’s, Oorochimaru and the rest of the army are more than spectators in the rest of the war.


  • Hashirama’s dream
  • Sage Susanoo
  • The return of the 5 Kages

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