Naruto (647) – Everyone returns

Naruto – Chapter 647


This chapter was a set up chapter so not much action occured. Everyone introduced in Naruto basically appeared in this chapter one way or the other. For some reason I’m most excited to see Oorochimaru fight than anyone else. I don’t think we’ve seen him fight to his greatest ability yet and now that he has his arms back he could do that. However, I still don’t trust him and his team. The biggest reveal was that everyone who had their chakra removed died instead simplely being weak. Shikamaru somehow was the only one of the primary characters to get his chakra taken. He appears to be on his deathbed but I doubt he’ll died. The rest of the weaker soldiers are losing faith and I can’t really blame them. I founded the 15 minute time limit to be far too literal. Surpirsingly, it was Sasuke who stepped up to continue the battle. I doing so he inspired Naruto as well. What ever happens next should be epic.



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