Bleach (549) – Sui Feng for the save

Bleach – Chapter 549

The Stormbringer


Sui Feng comes to the rescue of Omaeda (unsurprisingly) using her trade mark speed. The cold hearted BG9 was interrogating Omaeda for Sui Fengs whereabouts to no avail. He resorted to stabbing Omaeda little sister with a tentacle like thing. At this moment of cruelty I thought for a second Omaeda might rise to the occasion to protect his sister but he failed. He did try but clearly is too weak (still don’t know how he’s a Lieutenant). Sui Feng has mastered Shunko which she stated was in part due to BG9’s theft of her Bankai. I starting to think that all the Shinigami’s skills will increase now that they can’t bankai. The fight between Hitsugaya , Matsumoto and Bazz-B seemed to have concluded. However, both BG9 and Bazz – B reengaged proving that they stronger than they appeared. The battle’s are just getting started and I’m excited.













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