Weekly Shonen (08/29/13)

This week’s chapter’s of One Piece (719) and Naruto (644) were rather uneventful. All images from Manga Panda.

Naruto: Chapter 644

I Know

This chapter was meh. There wasn’t much in the chapter and therefore I don’t have much to say. I though that the combination of Minato and Naruto’s chakra and the use of “the Hirashin Jutsu” made sense to me. The second wasn’t primarily featured but he had his usually moments. I was surprised that he was the originator of the “shadow clone jutsu”. He’s stating to look like the most powerful Kage. Other than that there wasn’t any new developments. So what do you think of this chapter? Do you think the second Hokage is the best?


One Piece: Chapter 719

Open, Chinjao

Chinjao and Luffy continue their battle where he tell Luffy that he’s basically happy that Ace was killed (Not a good thing to do). Luffy pissed jumps up in the air preparing his “Third Gear technique” knocking Chinjao out of bounds. We get a flash back depicting what occurred between him and Garp. Chinjao possess a rather odd shaped pointy head. Garp basically hammered his pointy head flat. Luffy upon striking Chinjao with his “Elephant Gun” restores his head to it original state. Chinjao’s head cracks the stage in half resulting in Luffy’s win. The battle between Luffy and Chinjao was rather straight forward but I was happy with it. Nothing new was introduce and the story didn’t really progressed much but that’s fine with me. What do you think was the fight to short? What do you think of Chinjao’s head?



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