Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia


I love witches. Love. Love. Love. It’s not just witches per say but magic. I find everything from the clothing (cloaks, Pointy hats, staffs etc…) ,the use of spells, there cool effects, the mythology of the creatures ( dragons, fairies etc . . .) I love all of it. Clearly I love “Little Witch Academia”. Akko Kagari (main protagonist) joins an academy for young witches. She inattentive in class, she admires and aims to be like her idol Shiny Charlot. The anime short has familiar parallels to “Harry Potter” which isn’t a bad thing. The fluid and crisp animation is spectacular. I liked the design of the monsters especially the minotaur and dragon. The story itself seems a little generic and predictable but the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented every time. One downside of ” Little Witches Academia” it’s only a short and well feels short. Luckily a second episode is in the works due out in Winter of 2014. I whole heartily recommend ” Little Witches Academia” to all.



7 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia

  1. I watched this a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The animation really is great, fluid and crisp and each character is unique, and there are so many details that it never gets boring to look at. I managed to get it on a future programme for the short film club at work so others can see it.


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