Weekly Shonen (08/07/13)

One Piece: Chapter 717

“What Dressrosa’s Forgot”

This chapter didn’t feature a great deal of fighting (actually almost none), but I wasn’t disappointed. I found myself very intrigued by the plot that was introduced. Sanji begins to worry about the marines the are assembling outside the Colosseum.  HQ Vice – Admiral ” Shark Slasher Bastille” notices that the losers of the tournament don’t seem to be exiting the Colosseum raising suspicion. Cut to Franky and Thunderous Soldier of Rage having a discussion about the two laws of Dressrosa. The first is a curfew and the second humans and toys are forbidden from entering eat others homes. Thunderous Soldier of Rage (I love that name) explains that toys used to be human and they were transformed by a devil fruit user and their families have forgotten them. We get a quick glimpse of the battle between Don flamingo, Fujitora and Law. Law seems to be the only one of the three injured as he frantically tries to contact Namiya. Towards the end Usopp decides to lead the dwarves to the “dark factory” under the Colosseum. So what do you think of this chapter? Are you disappointed you didn’t get to see Luffy battle? Is Chinjao’s memory lost connected to the factory?


Naruto: Chapter 642


Unlike the previous chapter this chapter focused solely on the fight with Obito. I’m not surprised that Obito was untouched although I was hoping for a more balanced fight. The introduction of “Onmyoudon techniques” which turns “all ninjutsu into nothing” added some urgency to the story. Basically due to the nature of onmyoudon the edo tensei bodies won’t recover. Now the former Hokage are in danger while the fight Obito. I though Gamakichi’s use of “Mizuane Teppou” was way too convenient. He wasn’t really in the fight with Obito then he manages to use the right technique to show Naruto how to hit Obito before leaving. Criticism aside I can’t really think of another way to introduce that sage mode would be effective, so I let it slide. Naruto manage to  do damage against Obito. It seems that senjutsu is the path toward victory (at least at the moment). So what did you think of the chapter? Is Onmyoudon too powerful? What do you think of Gamakichi’s convenient plot point? Considering what we know about the effects onmyodon has on edo tensei do you think the third is dead? And what do you think is going to happen now that the other half of Kurama has been revealed?



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