Naruto Shippuden 322

Naruto Shippuden: Episode 322

“Madara Uchiha”


For those who have read my second post you would be well aware of my love of good animation. If there’s one thing you can count on in the naruto anime series it’s at least one well animated battle episode per major arc. This is clearly one of the best animated episode if not the best (I might be a prisoner of the moment). Anyone who read the manga is aware of what happens so there’s nothing new in terms of story and I won’t spoil it for those who don’t read the manga.

That hurt

However, the limitation of manga verses anime is clear. The anime allows for a more elaborated fight that added to it’s quality. The anime does display the scale of the jutsu specifically the “massive bolder” better than the manga. We also get a more comprehensive view of Madara’s skill and how far above he is than the rest. The only downside has nothing to do with this episode only what’s likely to occur in the next one. Quality of animation generally drops in the following episode, I dont expect that to change. That said I can look forwarded to the next high quality episode (maybe Madara vs the five kages?) and of course enjoy this one in the mean time. Rate this episode EPIC and fully recommended.



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