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100 Day Anime Challenge – Day 7

Your Anime Crush (Mikasa Ackerman)

My anime crush is Mikasa Ackerman . If you don’t know, she is one of the title characters of Attack on Titan. What’s not to love about Mikasa. She’s loyal, pretty and strong. Mikasa is a little dark because they murdered her parents. She loves Eren and Armin fiercely and will do anything for them. Mikasa has a strong sense of morality. I think her dependence on Eren is a little unhealthy, but nobody is perfect. She’s brave and was the top graduate of her class. Her ability to fight is impressive and I think she’s bad ass.


  1. I’ve made it clear in my posts that I like Himiko Toga from “My Hero Academia.” But then you also have infatuation with Mimosa Vermillion in “Black Clover,” Witch in “Edens Zero,” and Robin in “One Piece.” Out of ALL OF THEM; I think I like Robin the most. Though……..they all have traits that make them the best. But Robin is………….WOW.

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