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100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 5

The Samurai Pizza Cats
The Samurai Pizza Cats

Anime You’re Ashamed to Enjoy

Samurai Pizza Cats feature Samurai Cats, Ninjas, and Giant Mechs. What’s not to love. Me and my brother loved this series growing up. Unfortunately, it came on while we were still at school, so we could only watch it after half days or on our days off. The Samurai Pizza Cats own a pizza parlor, while defending the city of Little Tokyo and its royal family from the villain Big Cheese. The series isn’t too complicated, but its biggest problem is the terrible dubbing. Apparently, original production company permitted Saban Entertainment to change the script to appeal to western audiences.

The lead to artistic licensing taking liberties with aspects of the series that make little sense. For example, there’s only one samurai in the series and none of pizza cats are samurai. They’re all ninja’s. Also Big Cheese is actually a fox not a rat. They litter Samurai Pizza Cats with terrible puns, silly humor, and references. Many of the character names are puns, Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy, Polly Esther, and Al Dente. Samurai Pizza Cats was a ridiculous anime with a nonsense plot, absurd characters, bad dubbing, and talking mecha ninja samurai animals. Despite all that, I still loved the series. Although I doubt I would feel that way today.


  1. I’ll admit something to you: I read manga “Kissxsis.” I watched the anime a few years ago, and then decided to pick up the manga. Now I’m all caught up. I laugh every time I read it because I read it out in the open for my relatives to see. It’s…….it’s my guilty pleasure.

    1. LOL. I never heard of Kissxsis before. I think its important to have guilty pleasures. Everything we enjoy is the best quality but we can still enjoy them.

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