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100 Day Anime Challenge-Day 4

Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

Sakura Haruno is one of the most divisive characters in anime. People hate her personality, her Sasuke obsession, lack of backstory, and her powers pale compared to Sasuke and Naruto. All this is true. Sakura is terrible to Rock Lee and Naruto in the early seasons. With Sasuke, she just pathetic. He tries to kill her several times and she still “loves” him. But they get married and have a daughter, so I guess it’s okay. So how can she be my favorite? Only if I ignore all of that and focus on what she could have been or should have been. Sakura is terrible because Kishimoto wrote her that way. That’s his right as the creator of Naruto, but I think he did her a disservice. I cover why I think Sakura isn’t useless and why I like her on my 20th Day of the Salty Anime Challenge.

Sakura’s potential is wasted in the beginning of Naruto. She was superior to Naruto and Sasuke with chakra control, genjutsu, and she’s smarter. Unlike them, however, she wasn’t gifted with the chakra of the nine-tails or blessed with the sharingan and curse seal. Sakura shines briefly in the beginning of the part 2. After training with Tsunade, she develops super strength and masters medical jutsu. Sakura’s biggest battle moment is the fight between herself, Chiyo, and Sasori. During the battle, Sakura impresses the far more experienced Chiyo and Sasori.

I originally favored Naruto over her, but I was more impressed with her abilities. She had a lot of potential, but had to work harder than her teammates. I believe that “Sakura’s transformation from the beginning of the series, both personality and ability, changed more than anyone and she had to work with less than her teammates.” If you judge Sakura from her anime portrayal you’ll hate her, but if you look at her potential and ignore the limitation of how she’s written you might love. I do.


  1. I don’t watch the Boruto anime(I read the manga- and it’s GREAT. And I hear they’re going to start adapting manga material again), but I hear that she’s utilized a lot better in the show. The recent Anime original arc had her training Sarada with Sasuke’s help, and that went well. Not to mention her fight in an earlier arc was pretty good, from what I saw.

  2. Sasori: I have the most deadly poison in the world! Mwahahah!
    Sakura: I have cured it.
    Sasori: …wait, what?
    Sakura: I flushed most of the poison out of the wounds with water and carefully-controlled chakra, and then I created an antidote with only what I could find on hand (though, due credit, they had a very useful garden), and I healed quite a bit of the damage, too. Oh, and I have some extra doses. Seriously, this one’s going out to all my medical colleagues across the world. Your days as Number One Poisoner are done.
    Sasori: … … …well… … …shit.
    Sakura: Oh, and I kick your butt alongside a geriatric.

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