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100 Day Anime Challenge – Day 2

Favorite Anime you’ve watched so far

Over the years, several new anime have entered my top ten anime. However, none have topped Neon Genesis Evangelion. When I first began watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, it was for the epic and violent mecha battles. I couldn’t comprehend the more complex themes and imagery woven into the narrative. They credit Evangelion with revolutionizing anime as a medium. Set in the year 2000, a global cataclysm called the “Second Impact,” changes the world. Antarctica is destroyed and the planet’s axis shifts, causing flooding and an altered climate. After the nuclear war, half the world’s population is wiped out. Teenagers, Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami pilot massive mecha called Eva’s. Their enemy are physic altering monsters dubbed Angels.

Evangelion explores complex themes like depression, human subjectivity, and child abuse. The series makes many references to philosophical, psychoanalytic concepts, and references to Kabbalah, Christian and Jewish religions. Evangelion even uses religious texts like the Book of Genesis within the series, and the Angels share names found in religion like Sachiel. Evangelion has been described as a ” critique and deconstruction of the mecha genre.” On the surface, Evangelion is a mecha anime with distinctly designed robots that engage in brutal battles. However, the series has levels of deeper and more sophisticated themes that make Evangelion one of the most well-regarded series ever.


  1. I watched Evangelion before. I……was mixed on it, honestly. Maybe I should watch a few of the movies, but…….I was honestly kind of confused with the end of the show. And honestly; I didn’t see it as “All That.” It was GOOD, but I personally wasn’t as into it as everyone else. But then; I’m not all that into mech anime.

    1. I think the ending was confusing for everyone. Despite that I still consider it the best. The movies “fixed” the ending or at least it made more since. I would recommend watching them instead.

  2. Ayy, Evangelion is my favorite anime as well! Ever since I first watched it in 2017 I was fascinated by its lore, the character dynamics and just the whole scenario behind it. End of Evangelion as well is a masterpiece; my favorite anime film of all time. I first watched it late at night on my couch and the ending left me visibly… speechless.

    Recently I rewatched it during the Christmas season and quite so, it still holds up as #1 in my eyes. Glad you found it awesome too! 😎

    Just a note: the show is actually set in 2015, 2000 was when Second Impact happened (and is the catalyst for everything that goes down).

    1. When I first watched Evangelion me and brother thought it was a horror anime. I was brutal. I works on so many different levels and still holds up.

      1. Horror, eh? To be fair I wouldn’t blame you considering how hard the first three episode goes on you with the brutal Angel fights. I thought it would be a mecha show and thought to myself “What’s so special about this?” It was only after episode 8 things began to pick up with the character / world building. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

  3. Neon’s definitely a pretty big title, cool to see it reach the top. I heard the final movie in the sequel/remake series is finally coming out soon so that’ll definitely be neat. I haven’t gotten to enter the franchise myself yet.

    My favorite anime would be Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I always thought that one did a masterful job with each episode and I definitely missed it when it was gone

    1. We have been waiting for the final movie for what must be over a decade now. I can’t wait to see it. I lost track of Yu-Gi-Oh after the first two seasons.

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