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100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 19

Most Epic Anime Scene (Whitebeards Final Stance)

I tried to come up with the single greatest anime scene and decided that it’s impossible to make that case. In recent years, anime scene’s such as Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Rui, Levi vs The Beast Titan, and Gon vs Pitou have proved to be “epic.” Regardless, I think the most epic “scene” in anime is Whitebeard verses the Marines. During the Marineford arc, Whitebeard sustains a great deal of damage. Sengoku orders the Marines to “take Whitebeards head.” The Marines charge at him, impaling him with swords. He’s then hit in the face with a cannonball, falling backwards. When his Pirate crew tries to aid him he tells them to “stay back.”

Whitebeard regains his balance, claiming that he doesn’t need help “because he’s Whitebeard.” HIs power and fearlessness is impressive, but so is his self-confidence. After the death of Ace at the hands of Akainu, White beard unsurprisingly flies into a rage. Akainu burns off half his face and he still continues to attack. Delivering a devastating blow to Akainu, cuts the plaza into two. He is then attacked by Blackbeard and his crew losing his powers and is killed. He NEVER falls to the ground and NEVER turns his back to flee. Whitebeard showed his strength of character, even in death.


  1. Whitebeard was TRUE Legend. More than that; he was a man among men. All that damage and not a SCRATCH on his back(even though I’m sure Spard’s Naginata went through him and came out of his back, but that doesn’t really matter). Everything from him announcing that He is Whitebeard to his voice to……this man was just great. Rest In Peace, Edward Newgate.

  2. I’ve been getting back into One Piece and this scene was definitely excellent. It really showed why Whitebeard is known as one of the strongest fighters in the verse.

    While much smaller scale, I really liked the scene of Luffy stopping Doflamingo’s foot with his own. It was just a really nice power move

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