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100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 18

Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character

(Asuka Langley Soryu)

My favorite supporting female character is Asuka Langley Soryu. She is the “Second Child” and the pilot of Unit 02. She is of German and Japanese descent but from America. Asuka has rather abrasive, self-absorbed, and often mean and abusive, usually toward Shinji. She has great confidence in her ability as an Eva pilot and has synced with Unit 02 better than average. She is severely insecure because of trauma from her childhood and uses her attitude as a mask. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, it changes her name to Asuka Shikinami Langley.

This version of Asuka is like her original. She’s confident, opinionated, and aggressive. However, she doesn’t have the same relationships that the old Asuka had. Another change is with her backstory. In the original, Asuka graduates from University at age 14. In the Rebuild of Evangelion, Asuka joins the European Air Force, becoming a Captain at age 14. Asuka’s genius and cockiness the follows isn’t for show. She’s got the skills.

Asuka’s shining moment for many fans is when she single-handedly battles armed forces and 9 mass-produced EVA’s. Though she succeeded in defeating them at first, Unit 02’s run’s out of power. The Mass-Produced Eva’s have infinite power “which allows them to remain functional despite being severely damaged or mutilated” and finally allows them to “eviscerate and dismember” Unit 02 using their “Lance of Longinus” replicas. I didn’t like Asuka until this moment. I found her offputting, but she proved she was the best Eva pilot.


  1. I honestly did not connect with her. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I……honestly did not exactly know what was going on at any given moment in the show. It’s like; I got that it was a “Coming Of Age” story- I just didn’t get any of the messages or lessons the character had to learn.
    Asuka- I just plain did not like her. I didn’t get why she was so mean to Shinji. Even if it was just a front; I don’t see why that meant she had to be so cruel. What did Shinji ever do to her? I just- did not understand this series at all.

    1. I didn’t like most of the characters in Evangelion. Shinji was a crybaby, Rei was like a weird mute, and Asuka was mean. After a while, I started to like Asuka. She’s still damaged like everyone else, but I felt she had the most fun. The show is difficult to understand. I had to watch it over a dozen times.

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