Anime Character Your Most Similar

The character I most similar to hasn’t changed so I’ll just repost what I wrote in 2013.

Figuring out the anime character that was like me was difficult. But, doing a little introspection, I concluded that I’m not very tough, courageous; I don’t have angry issues or anything like that. However, I am really lazy. I’m better than I used to be, but ultimately I’m still lazy. The anime character that first came to mind was “Shikamaru Nara”. Shikamaru Nara is one of the primary characters in the Naruto series. Shikamaru was born into the Nara clan . He has a strong friendship with another character named “Chōji Akimichi”. While others teased Chōji for his weight, Shikamaru showed kindness toward him. Shikamaru also is very loyal to him. I would like to think I’m like him, in terms of his kindness and loyalty.

Shikamaru Nara is unenthusiastic, like me it takes a lot to get me excited. He avoids responsibility when every he can, a terrible quality I unfortunately possess. He also does not enjoy fighting, neither do I, even though it’s more required in the world of Naruto. Shikamaru is completely aware of his own personality and limitations as a result (so am I). However, when his comrades need him, a more noble characteristic is revealed (Bravery). I haven’t found myself (fortunately) in similar situations, but I’m willing to make some sacrifices for others. So that’s it. Even though I didn’t highlight many positive qualities, I think that Shikamaru and I have many similarities, except I’m not even close to being that intelligent.

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5 thoughts on “ 100 Day Anime Challenge–Day 13 ”

  1. I honestly can’t think of an anime character I’m most like. I don’t think I’m like any protagonist whatsoever; I also share several traits with Shikimaru- but I’m nowhere near as endearing or intelligence to compliment those traits; and I don’t have a harem of girls or a hollow personality to be a harem protagonist……..I’m….taking this too literal, aren’t I?

    1. Maybe a little. LOL. I couldn’t really find a lot of anime characters I’m similar to. Laziness was the only quality I could think of. Shikamaru isn’t even lazy anymore (Boruto). LOL.

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