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100 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1

Way back in 2013, I started the 30 Day Anime Challenge. It was a fun challenge that encouraged me to think more about what I liked about anime. Since then, I’ve completed several more challenges like the 30 Day DC Challenge, the 30 Day Marvel Challenge, the 30 Day Video Game Challenge, and the Salty Anime Challenge. As we start the beginning of this 2021 year, I thought that I would tackle the 100 Day Anime Challenge. Since 2013 I have watched and reviewed so many new anime series that I think my answers from the 30 Day Anime Challenge have changed. So let’s get started:

The Very First Anime You Watched (Sailor Moon)

For anime fans, Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic anime and manga series. Written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Serialized in 1991, Toei Animation adapted Sailor Moon in 1992. Since then, praised for its art, characters, and humor, Sailor Moon has achieved critical acclaim. As a franchise, Sailor Moon has generated over $13 billion worldwide. My very first memory of watching anime was getting up at 5:oo in the morning, trying to glimpse the series.

Sailor Moon tells the story of middle school student, Usagi Tsukino. Her talking cat Luna gives her a magical brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon. Together they form a team of Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Mercury, the studious Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mars, the shrine maiden Rei Hino, transfer student Makoto Kino becomes Sailor Jupiter, and aspiring idol Minako Aino awakens as Sailor Venus. The group fights against the Dark Kingdom, ruled by Queen Beryl and her Four Kings of Heaven, as they try to find the Silver Crystal and free Queen Metaria.

Toei rebooted Sailor Moon in 2014 as Sailor Moon Crystal and a two-part movie, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie will be released on January 8th 2021. Toei will release the second part on February 11, 2021. Sailor Moon Eternal will cover the Dream arc and act as the fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal series. Sailor Moon continues to impact the anime world and was my gatekeeper anime. I haven’t looked back.


  1. Isn’t it funny to think that Yoshihiro Togashi- creator of “YuYu Hakushou” and “Hunter x Hunter-” is married to the creator of “Sailor Moon?”
    I’ve tried to watch “Sailor Moon” a few times. Don’t know why I haven’t picked it back up. I hear nothing but good things about it(and the censorship in the dub).

    1. I always forget that they’re married. LOL. I’m going to have to start watching Sailor Moon Crystal. I plan to watch the movies that come out this year.

  2. I think the first anime I ever saw was probably Pokemon as I would catch a few episodes on TV but if it’s the first show I saw to completion that would definitely be Megaman NT Warrior.

    Sailor Moon’s always been super nostalgic though. I remember watching the old Dub all the time back in the day. Because of that it’s always been tough for me to get into the new versions because it was so iconic. Still, at some point I’ll definitely check out Crystal

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